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Benefits of Dildo

  1. The realistic appearance of dildos makes you enjoy the best lively feel.

  2. The solid strap-on dildos are great for couples.

  3. The hollow strap-on dildos are no less than a miracle for men facing size-related concerns.

  4. The dildos with suction cups let you enjoy a hands-free experience.

How to use a dildo?
Below are the instructions to make the best use of your dildo:

  1. Unpack your dildo and clean it thoroughly with soap and water or toy cleaner.

  2. Apply some water-based lubricant all over the dildo.

  3. Massage any erogenous zone with the dildo.

  4. Insert the lubricated dildo into your orifice of choice (:P) and move it to your comfort.

How to clean a dildo?
Cleaning a dildo is easy compared to vibrators. Follow the below-given steps to ensure you are doing it properly

  1. Detach any remote or batteries if your dildo is a vibrating dildo.

  2. Wash your dildo with water (ideally warm water) and soap.

  3. Give it a final rise in clean running water ensuring there are no traces of soap or other cleaner.

  4. Either use a towel to dry your dildo or let it air dry and keep it in a dry place to preserve it for future use.

How to preserve and store a dildo?
Preserving a dildo is very important for hygienic use and the long life of your sex toy. Refer to the points at the bottom for storage tips.

  1. Always wash and clean the dildo before preserving it for subsequent use.

  2. Wait for the dildo to dry.

  3. Keep your dildo out of reach of open air to minimize the possibility of catching dirt or germs. (I mean, we guess you probably wouldn't be keeping it in the front window for the neighbours to see, but, you do you !)

  4. Always use the compatible type of lube only. In particular do not use silicone lubricant on silicone toys. Toybox India only sells safe water-based lubricant so you can buy anything in the store with confidence.

  5. Store the dildo in a clean wrap or plastic bag away from direct sunlight.

Important points to consider while using a dildo

  1. Use a suggested compatible lube with your dildo for smooth ongoing.

  2. Make sure there are no dirt particles on the surface of the dildo, as it can cause itching.

  3. Always clean the dildo before and after use.

  4. Never share your dildo with anyone (unless, y'know... that's the plan).

  5. For maximum satisfaction, use dedicated dildos for anal and vaginal penetration.

Difference between dildos and vibrators
Dildos and vibrators are often grouped into the same set, which is not valid. Dildos can be most easily understood as sex toys made to replicate male sexual organs. In contrast, vibrators are found in different shapes and sizes designed to stimulate other sensitive areas of the vagina. You can find dildos that can vibrate, but you will rarely find a good external vibrator that looks, feels, and works as a natural penis. Both have their place, but they are distinct products. Try each from our collection to see what works best for you.

Different materials of dildo
Dildos maybe crafted from a variety of materials, but Toybox India is particular about what we choose to sell to our customers.

PVC: PVC is Polyvinyl Chloride, a common synthetic plastic is the most widely used material for the dildos found in India. While it is not dangerous in the short term, PVC uses pthalates to soften the plastic to make it more user friendly. Pthalates are known carcinogens, which have been linked to multiple types of cancer. For this reason, Toybox India will never stock PVC toys and we encourage users to avoid them, certainly in long term usage.

Silicone: Silicone is most widely used to make the higher quality dildos that offer flexibility and molds in different directions. The medical grade silicone used in our products has been engineered to be the most body safe and hypoallergenic material for any user. Silicone is the most common recommended choice by many sexual health experts. 

Double Layer Silicone: Relying on two separate hardnesses of silicone, these toys offer an uniquely realistic sensation. You can feel the difference with your touch. You can feel upper and lower skins on dildos made of double-layer silicone.

Different textures of dildos
Texture refers to the upper layer design of the dildo. Different textures on the dildo make a big difference in how it feels when you insert it inside the vagina. Below is some major surface listed with their characteristics.

Veiny: This type of dildo looks more realistic with different nerves crafted on the dildo. Small nerve bulges and twisted heads are what comprise a veiny texture.

Smooth: Smooth texture is loved by beginners and is perfect for anal-play. Glass dildos are the ideal example of a smooth surface. With a smooth texture, any dildo slips right inside the hole and makes you go crazy on penetration.

Spikes/Nubs: Nubs and protrusions on dildos stimulate all the nerves inside you for that extra teasing effect. These dildos provide an extremely intense sensation and have to be tried to be believed.

Shop dildos online in India
Indians are slowly being drawn to sex toys, and we believe dildos are a great alternative or enhancer for real sex. All you need to do to get yourself a dildo is just click on the desired model and place the order, and we will deliver the product to your doorstep in discreet packaging. ToyBox India has a lot of options to choose from; discover the depths of your desires with us.